Tuesday Night Numenara

Stairway to Heaven

In Which the Party Continued Exploring…

…the cavernous room they discovered atop the Beanstalk’s ribbon. Having convinced themselves they had made a full survey of the lower section, they climbed the staircase to the upper chamber.

Within the upper chamber, they discovered a dead body sporting a BroForce tattoo. Deciding he should be returned to his bros, Wally fashioned a crude parachute and unceremoniously threw him out of the hole in the wall.

The upper chamber was adorned with lifeless control panels, which Astro and Balfor hotwired using one of Balfor’s batteries. They got it right on their second attempt, and we don’t touch the first panel anymore.

Pondering the pictures on the displays, they discovered that main power for the chamber is actually delivered through the Beanstalk ribbon itself. Balfor put just about everything he had into jumpstarting the charging cycle, and barely managed to bring the machinery to life without burning himself out (or up) in the process.

They were greeted with an ominous control panel containing an up arrow and down arrow. Realizing they were in a massive elevator. they chose to press onward and upward.

The immense acceleration of the elevator nearly crushed the party, but fortunately Astro has the g-forces covered. She was able to re-activate the elevator’s gravity regulator, and manually control the g-forces for a smooth ride. Of course, then she got bored and nearly peeled all the skin from her body by trying to touch the ribbon while the elevator was moving. Fortunately, sanity prevailed—this time.

At Last, the Party Reached the Top of the Beanstalk…

…and exited through the top hatch of the elevator into a a series of dimly-lit maintenance tunnels. There appeared to be an issue with the standard door mechanism, probably due to there being a massive hole ripped through part of it.

Astro hacked another panel and opened an egress into a proper hallway. Following the halls, they discovered a pair of long-dead, non-human bodies. Argent believed they seemed similar to Varjellan anatomy, but closer inspection reduced them to little more than coarse dust.

After a bit more meandering around what seemed like a circular hallway, they took a radial path into a massive central chamber, extending upward beyond their ability to see in the dim light.

It was right about this time, they heard a scuttling noise…



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