Tuesday Night Numenara

Wreck Room

Forward Assault

Our Heroes collect their gear from Kellon, including 3 computer interface devices, 2 breachlock cutters, and a sweet chameleon cloak for Argent. They coordinate a defensive position for the animals of the valley around the entrance to the lower decks, and head into the darkened tunnel with a small menagerie of volunteer companions: Their fox friend and his wolf compatriot join the team, and though the gorilla expresses interest in coming along, his mentor says he is needed above. Two of the avians, an eagle and a falcon, join as scouts. A small monkey volunteers to come, and a large alligator sort of tags along.

At the end of the tunnel, they find an open elevator shaft. The elevator car is stuck below, and the entire group (even the alligator, with a graceless “jump”) manage to climb down to the car’s roof. They find a crudely burrowed hole leading down through the floor, and climb through it into a very large room. The room is dark and strewn with overturned furniture and debris. Following the wall so as not to get lost, they come upon two glass-enclosed chambers with unknown markings along the floor. Upon entering one of the chambers, it lights up brightly, also flooding the larger room with its light.

As Astro moves to investigate the second room, she is attacked by a tentacle monster—in this case, an abhuman torso with large tentacles for arms, legs, and a head. She runs away, while Armen beats the thing to a greasy pulp. It didn’t come alone, though, as a grotesque cadre of abhumans emerges from the shadows to do battle with the party.

After a rollicking melee, the abhumans lie dead, and the party explores the room further. They locate a locked door at the end, which their crew member status does not grant them access to. They use one of their breachlocks enter the door, and nurse their wounds while they wait for its lasers to cut through.

A Bridge over Troubled Waters

On the other side of the door, they find the ship’s bridge. Most of the consoles and systems seem to be operational, though there are plenty of warnings and alerts being reported throughout the ship. In the center of the three-tiered bridge there is a strange puddle of pearlescent liquid.

The party examines the consoles, and they attach one of Kellon’s access devices to one of the systems consoles. While Kellon attempts to interface with the bridge, Astro locates a rough map of the ship in the form of a diagnostic readout.

The ship is comprised of 4 decks, with the large upper deck consisting solely of the domed valley habitat where the party had entered. The 2nd deck is split between the bridge and rec room/cafeteria on this side, and the laboratories and fabricators on Kellon’s side. The 3rd deck is a ring shape surrounding the main engines, power plant, and machinery of the ship. Ops and engineering are located nearest the elevator on the party’s side, with the general crew quarters and a large section labeled “Tombs” on the opposite. The lowest deck, comprising what appears to be the majority of the ship’s volume, is simply labeled fuel and materials storage.

Turning their attention back to the bridge, the party investigates the pool in the middle of the room. Kellon is not aware of such a feature being part of the bridge. To test the waters, Astro throws in a mug she scavenged from the mess in the previous room. Rather than splashing into the liquid, the mug bounces dully with a wet thud, and then begins to sink slowly, as if the pool were made of oobleck. Only after the mug has come to rest do ripples form on the pool, and it begins to expand upward forming a dome shape…



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