Tuesday Night Numenara

The Open Door

The party chased after the scuttling sound through several hallways, catching little more than the briefest glimpses of their quarry. The chase ended at an open doorway flooded with light.

Armen was swift enough to see the silhouette of a large, gorilla-like creature waving a signal to enter quickly. As a smaller creature, reminiscent of a large rodent or small dog, bounded into the open doorway, the larger creature slipped into the door and slapped a panel on the wall, closing it behind him.

As the party looked around, they noticed the alcove by the doorway was in disarray, as if there had been some commotion. They noticed overturned furniture and boxes about, and there was a splatter of fresh blood.

Wally tasted the blood. It had a pungent bouquet, and a greasy mouth-feel. There were not-so-subtle notes of rot and filth, and it had bitter, metallic legs.

Astro went to work hacking the planet panel, and Wally “helped.” Eventually the two were able to open the doorway into a small chamber with another doorway, beyond which lay a corridor. They passed through a doorway in a small temple-like structure carved into the face of a rock cliff, exiting into a bright forest clearing.

As the door of the temple closed behind them, the party entered the clearing, and Armen immediately climbed something. In this case, it was a tree, and he was greeted with a stunning view of a lush forest abutting rolling hills and pastoral grasslands. Beyond a river lie a denser forest surrounding a towering tree-like structure.

Their revelry was cut short as Astro was backslashed by some hideous lanky abhuman, with long clawed hands, a horse-like mane of hair, and a toothy grin going literally from ear to ear. Armen immediatly shot its smug face (in its smug shoulder). It demonstrated its shared interests by slowly removing the arrow and licking its own blood.

Not to be outdone, Wally jumped down from his perch, stabbed the creature with his dimensional sword, and licked it clean. This was not so bright, as it burned his tongue, and he was completely unable to appreciate any subtle flavors it may have contained.

A second abhuman, all muscle and no head (its hideous face is embedded in its chest and stomach), attempted to strike back at Wally, but was deftly dodged.

Balfor attempted to strike at the mind of the first abhuman, but was rebuffed, while Astro just stared at it slackjawed sized it up.



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