Tuesday Night Numenara

What Did the Fox Say?

The battle with the abhumans begins in earnest. Armen, Argent, and Balfor gang up on the grinning monstrosity, as the headless hulk is fettered by Armen’s defenses. During the melee, a new creature appears, leathery skin stretched over a skeletal frame with large spiky bony protrusions. It strolls unhurriedly toward the conflict.

As blows are traded, the grinning abhuman steps back to lick its wounds (quite literally, with its disgustingly-long tongue). Before it is able to recover any further, Balfor’s onslaught combined with the final shot from Argent’s railgun topple the foe to the ground, allowing Armen to finish it with a double-footed curb stomp.

The fight shifts toward the headless hulk, as it tries to grab Armen in a great bear hug. In a deft maneuver, Armen stops the attack cold with a quick elbow to the bridge of where its nose would be (roughly where a human’s solar plexus would be). Balfor and Argent are distracted as a blob of caustic goop is flung onto Armen’s back. Some brief flailing (and hedge magic) later, the goop is gone, and they spot a strange bulbous abhuman hiding in the trees, wearing a simpleton’s smile when it’s not distending it’s jaw to launch its terrible loogies.

The spiky skeleton finally makes its way to the party, where it grabs Balfor’s arm, and attempts to sever his hand. Fortunately, Balfor’s quick reflexes keep all hands on deck. Armen and the headless hulk continue to grapple with one another until the hulk bull rushes and lands atop him, with only Argent’s expert crossbuckler maneuver protecting his soft underbelly from the creature’s hungry, slavering…underbelly.

Though Argent skillfully shoves the spiky skeleton into the path of an oncoming loogie, the battle seems to have reached a stalemate, until a small fox jumps down from a tree and plants a tiny rapier between the shoulders of the stretched-leather skeleton. The enraged monster attacks like a whirling dervish, but a skillful riposte from Argent’s verred, leaving the creature open as the fox climbs over Argent’s shoulders and plants his rapier firmly in the creature’s empty eye socket. Balfor finishes the job as he fires off his magic missile, landing solid blows on all three foes, and crushing the skeletal skull.

Meanwhile, a gorilla has emerged from the same tree the fox jumped from, and with a mighty blow from his staff, cracks the spine of the headless hulk. Armen takes the opening, and plants his foot directly into the creature’s gut. Since that’s where his mouth is, it goes quite further into the creature’s gut than anticipated. Though it gets a quick nosh off Armen’s knee, Armen gives a final crushing kick to the monster’s gullet, and it dies, vomiting its last all over Armen.

The globular horker makes a break for it, jiggling and running in a most disturbing fashion, unexpectedly quickly away from the battle. Armen manages to land a final parting shot, sending the creature tumbling head over heels, but it manages to limp away.

The battle over, the three ponder their new temporary allies, and attempt to communicate. The fox says…something, but it is unintelligible to the party. Argent tries to communicate, but the fox seems similarly confused. He and the gorilla begin conversing, and the gorilla begins grunting and gesturing with increasing emphasis. Finally, the gorilla pulls something like a book from beneath his robe/poncho, and points to the party, and to an intricately detailed and embellished picture of what appears to be a man. Boregal (Kevin) finally chimes in and says “oh for crying out loud, he’s asking if you’re human.”

The conversation is interrupted as a bloody bear stumbles from the woods, and the fox rushes to meet it.



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